Anali "Ani" Garcia founded AniBakes in early 2016.
She was born in Mexico, and her parents brought her to the United States at age two.  Both of Anali’s parents were eldest siblings from large, humble, and impoverished families.  Neither parent had more than a grade school education.  Yet they encouraged each child to become first-generation college graduates.  Anali was raised in a Spanish-speaking household, and did not learn English until kindergarten.

However, deep within this evolving physician, was still the little girl who remembered the joys of her 7th birthday.  Anali wanted to make sure that everyone, no matter their health challenges, can look forward to their next celebration with delicious desserts they can eat and enjoy.  AniBakes is a celebration, and Anali Garcia is thrilled to bring her products to the global food market.

But from a very young age, Anali had bizarre health problems.  These perpetuated, compounded, and intensified as she grew older.  She studied pre-medicine in college, but was too disillusioned to continue in modern allopathic medicine when her own health struggles failed to be answered there.  During her long journey to wellness, Anali discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has now been a practicing Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine for more than a dozen years.  


​In the course of her healing and exploration as a patient, as well as her learning and investigating as a physician, Anali discovered the values and benefits of gluten free, dairy free eating.  This became a critical part of restoring and maintaining health for Anali, and for many of her patients. 


Anali was in second grade when she had her first birthday party…..cake and all.  Her grandmother made the cake, her aunt whipped up the frosting from an egg white meringue, and they strung up a Bugs Bunny piñata in great grandma's yard.  This was a heavenly and memorable experience in the modest childhood of 7-year-old little Ani!  The celebration introduced Anali to the idea of marking important dates and events in life, and celebrating them with food.  She then became obsessed with spearheading festivities for her brothers and sisters and baking them birthday cakes.

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